Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fighting the crowds for bargains at Super H Mart in Ridgefield

I say Kabocha, you say Kabucha. This Asian winter squash was on sale for 49 cents a pound with a store card on Sunday at the Super H Mart in Ridgefield, the Korean chain's biggest supermarket in  Bergen County.


The biggest Korean supermarket in Bergen County also is the busiest food store outside of Costco Wholesale in Hackensack, especially on Sundays.

If you drive less than a mile from the much smaller H&Y Marketplace to the Super H Mart, the contrast is dramatic in the number of cars in the huge parking lot and the number of customers pushing carts through the store.

I fought the Super H Mart crowds on Sunday, picked up a few bargains and tried free samples of tasty Korean food, but I'm not sure it is worth the hassle.

Samples of prepared seafood, including crab and dried squid, are offered free at a table near the store's large fish counter.

Big seafood counter

Super H Mart probably has the largest selection of fresh fish and other seafood in Bergen County, all at fairly low prices.

But my wife had already picked up whole sea bass for our Sunday dinner from the Englewood H Mart ($4.99 a pound).

At the Super H Mart, I sampled several kinds of seafood at a table set up opposite the cases that were packed with fresh fish on ice.

I bought three items that were on sale with a store card, Kabocha Squash for 49 cents a pound, Koimo Sweet Potatoes for 99 cents a pound and unusually large heads of red-leaf lettuce at two for 99 cents.

I saw 5-pound boxes of clementines for $7.99, but that was $3 more than during the Can Can Sale at ShopRite.

Super H Mart, 321 Broad Ave., Ridgefield; 201-943-9600. Open 7 days. Small food court, and a large selection fresh fish and prepared Korean food.

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