Friday, February 28, 2014

In Englewood, small tables, high prices and Edith Piaf

The Quinoa Tower is on the lunch menu at Patisserie Florentine in downtown Englewood.


Looking for a high-quality lunch in downtown Englewood?

Just off the main shopping street, Patisserie Florentine appears to be a classic French pastry shop, but the Israeli owners have added Mediterranean touches, including feta cheese, tahini and a nice chopped salad.

There are about 35 seats at small tables pushed close together, and you'll have a hard time knowing where to look without staring at your neighbor.

I ordered the Quinoa Tower ($10.75), a deliciously moist salad made with the South American whole grain, feta cheese, tomato, tahini, red onion and cucumber, served with olives and three small slices of baguette.

But, really, can you legitimately charge nearly $11 for a 2-inch-high cylinder of quinoa salad you call a "tower"? 

My wife enjoyed her Omelette Royale with mozzarella cheese and spinach, served with Florentine potatoes and Israeli salad ($9.95).

But she really loved the homemade garlic butter that came with her brioche, along with marmalade and feta cheese.

The Omelette Royale comes with small dishes of delicious garlic butter, homemade marmalade and feta cheese.
A pot of specialty tea is $2.85, with a free refill of hot water.

With temperatures below freezing today, our table near the door was a poor choice, and there is no place for winter coats, scarves and hats besides the back of your small chair.

The servers wear black and though they are well-meaning, service is confused.

The sound system plays singer Edith Piaf and French accordion music.

Patisserie Florentine is open for lunch, brunch and dinner.

Patisserie Florentine, 10 S. Dean St., Englewood; 201-408-4890. Open 7 days. BYO, metered street or garage parking. American Express Cards not accepted.

Web site: French bakery and petit bistro

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