Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lox around the clock with Costco Wholesale's smoked wild salmon

The selection of cheeses at Jerry's Gourmet & More, 410 S. Dean St. in Englewood, above, is among the largest in North Jersey, but no other store matches Jerry's unlimited free samples.
Jerry's Meals To Go are restaurant-quality takeout, such as this dinner of grilled shrimp, pasta salad with chicken, fava-bean salad and broccoli, above. They are reduced to $5.99 after 4 p.m.

Editor's note: Today's buffet includes versatile Kirkland Signature Wild Alaskan Smoked Sockeye Salmon from Costco Wholesale, Jerry's Gourmet in Englewood and more.


This is probably the last month for fresh, wild-caught salmon at Costco Wholesale, but you can continue to lox around the clock with smoked and sliced sockeye.

Kirkland Signature Wild Alaskan Smoked Sockeye Salmon, available year-round, is appropriate at any meal, and you don't need a bagel with a schmear to enjoy it.

I add the fatty, heart-healthy fish to dinner salads and frittatas or for a snack, simply roll it up with a slice of reduced-fat Swiss cheese and organic spring mix, two other items you can find at Costco.

Costco's smoked wild salmon is terrific snack food. Here, I rolled it up in Romaine lettuce with reduced-fat cheese, Dijon mustard and herbs from the garden.

No bread or pizza

Before I went on a no-bread, no-pizza diet, I loved to layer the smoked salmon in sandwiches with cheese, greens and pesto.

One pound of the smoked wild salmon comes in two half-pound pouches for $15.59, reflecting a 20-cents price increase this year.

This is less than what you'd pay for smoked farmed salmon, which is artificially colored.

Smoked wild sockeye salmon added to a takeout dinner salad.

You won't find the deep red-orange color of smoked wild salmon in farmed counterparts.

Jerry's dinners

I picked up Grilled Shrimp, Chicken Milanese and Stuffed Squid takeout dinners at Jerry's Gourmet & More in Englewood after 4 p.m., when they are marked down to $5.99 each.

My first stop on Wednesday was Balthazar Bakery, 214 S. Dean St. in Englewood, for a pair of its wonderful baguettes ($2 each).

The baguettes are made with unbleached wheat flour, water, rye flour, sea salt, yeast and barley malt, and weigh 8 ounces.

Parking challenge

Leaving Balthazar's small parking lot is still dangerous, even with a round, convex mirror attached to a utility pole at the exit.

Vehicles, including buses and tractor-trailers, are larger and much closer than they appear in the mirror.

And cars parked at the curb in front of the building block the view of drivers who are trying to exit the lot safely.

Unfortunately, there is little street parking available.

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  1. You do a dis-service with your cute headline. From what I see here you are talking about Nova, NOT Lox. Lox is salty, not just smoked.

    1. They both have salt, don't they? Call it poetic license.


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