Thursday, September 13, 2012

Do some Costco employees hide their identity?

Costco Wholesale customers line up to return items at the Hackensack store.

I usually love the service at Costco Wholesale's Hackensack store, but last week, two employees were far from helpful when I tried to find out whether an organic brown rice I bought two or three times had been discontinued.

When I got home, I fired off an e-mail to the company from its Web site, and a couple of days later, I got a call from "Kevin" at the warehouse store.

One concern I brought up was that the two workers who basically ignored me had reversed the tags all Costco employees wear, concealing their names.

Kevin confirmed that if the tag shows only a bar code, the employee deliberately wore it in reverse to hide his or her first name.

Kevin asked me to describe one of the employees, but I can't imagine he'll be able to find the offender. 

I returned to the store today, and all of the employees I came across were wearing the tags with their first names showing in big letters.

I saw two Costco employees concealing their names this past Saturday.


  1. My favorite employee is the one manning the booth with the smoked salmon spread and the crackers.

  2. Yes. She is terrific. A real saleswoman. So enthusiastic, too.

  3. Perhaps the constant bending over and running around can cause the name tag to flip over. Mine did that constantly. I finally got 2 name tags back to back so when they flip you can still see the name. So it's not always as intentional as you imply.


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