Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jersey Fresh or fresh deception?

The smaller peach, upper left, is from South Carolina and labeled "Cotton Hope."

At the Paramus ShopRite this morning, I found boxes of South Carolina and New Jersey fruit below a sign for "Jersey Fresh" peaches at $1.49 a pound.

Many of the South Carolina peaches, labeled "Cotton Hope," were in boxes carrying the name of Sunny Slope Farms in Bridgeton.

The other peaches were yellow and carried yellow labels with a number, but no name. Did I get any Jersey Fresh peaches?

My only other purchase was a gallon of Lactaid 1% Lactose-Free Milk, which was on sale for $6.19 (a savings of 60 cents) -- for the second or third week in a row -- or less than the cost of two half-gallons of ShopRite Lactose-Free Milk at $3.39 each.


  1. Go to Corrado's for Jersey fresh peaches @ 0.99/lb this week....and they are excellent!

  2. Thanks. I'll be heading to South Paterson for more 99 cent sardines so will be sure to stop at Corrado's.

  3. I was at the Wayne Corrado's. I hope that Main Avenue has them, too.

  4. Should, right? I visited the Wayne store once or twice when it first opened.

    I stopped going to Corrado's on Main Avenue after I saw a decline in the quality of the produce, and price stickers placed over expiration dates on Earthbound Farm's organic salads.

    I stop at Brothers Produce in the Farmers' Market now, but have to be careful there, too.


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