Sunday, July 8, 2012

Can Can Sale isn't worth an exclamation point

There were more packs of Adirondack Seltzer elsewhere at ShopRite in Hackensack.


It's time to stock up on Adirondack Seltzer.

But I didn't find a lot of other bargains today -- the start of the 2012 Summer Can Can Sale! at ShopRite, which may no longer be entitled to use the exclamation point in its store flier.

The 12-can packs of Adirondack Seltezer are $1.99 each, a discount of $1.80, and they are actually cheaper than 12-can packs of teeth-rotting Pepsi (5 for $11).

Each pack contains a dozen 12-ounce cans of seltzer, which is available plain and in Lemon-Lime and other flavors. It is sodium and calorie free.

I just so happen to be on my last 12 pack of Adirondack Mandarin Orange Seltzer purchased at the previous Can Can Sale.

I also picked up 2 liters of  ShopRite 100% Italian Extra-Virgin Olive Oil for $4.99 each, compared to $5.99 a liter at Trader Joe's.

That's a discount of $3 a liter. ShopRite also sells a blend of extra-virgin olive oil from several countries, but the Italian product is preferable.

The 10th anniversary Summer Can Can Sale is expected to run through July 21.

Years ago, I stocked up on canned Red Salmon from Alaska during the Can Can Sale, but one look at the prices for a large can tells you it's no longer part of the promotion.
I found only pricey Canadian lobsters at the Hackensack ShopRite on South River Street instead of cheaper ones from Maine, where an oversupply was keeping prices down.

Costco organic eggs

Costco Wholesale's Organic Brown Eggs come 24 in a package.
An organic egg with sun-dried tomato and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

Large Brown Organic Eggs from Costco Wholesale are $6.79 for 2 dozen.

They are cage free and contain neither antibiotics nor growth hormones. 

And they are delicious, especially sunny side up, when you break the yolk and mix it with brown rice.

Update: In 2016, Costco lowered the price for 2 dozen cage-free organic eggs to $5.99.

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