Friday, February 3, 2012

Fairway prices aren't the real shock

California roll sushi, September 2008.
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Fairway Market's California roll is made with an artificial sweetener and a preservative.

I drove over to Fairway Market in Paramus today to pick up a few items during its "shock price" promotion, but the real surprise was the ingredients list for one of the sale items.

I picked up the 9-piece California roll for $3.99 -- which is made in the store --  and tried to read the long list of ingredients in very small type. 

I did a double take when I saw "aspartame," an artificial sweetener, and "potassium sorbate," a preservative. They also were listed on rolls with raw fish.

I mentioned the ingredients to a woman ahead of me in the checkout line when I saw she had picked up a salmon roll. She said couldn't read the list, because she didn't have her glasses with her.

Whole Foods Market in Paramus, ShopRite supermarkets and H Mart also make sushi and rolls in their stores, but I haven't tried any recently and haven't paid attention to the ingredients.

At Fairway, I bought three Fuji apples at 99 cents a pound, three 1-pound packages of Campari tomatoes at $1.66 each and Fairway Organic Fair Trade Coffee Beans (Turkish grind) at $7.99 a pound.

The "shock price" promotion runs through Feb. 9.

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  1. I bought the spicy California rolls at Fairway about a week and a half ago and was amazed at the absolute lack of flavor. All in all they were terrible.

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  3. I removed the previous comment because I referred to H Mart as a Korean restaurant. I meant "supermarket."

    As I was saying, the one sushi roll I tried at Fairway years ago was awful, and I've had better luck with sushi and rolls from H Mart.

  4. I find the entire Fairway Market experience confusing. There are so many different prices shock and freeze and such that I get confused. Then I tried to talk to the people with the red vests that are supposed to help and that did not work. I am happier with Trader Joes their items are clearly marked and they do not play confusing pricing games

  5. I agree. The Trader Joe's shopping experience is far better than at Fairway Market and the smaller Trader Joe's has so much more in the way of organic and naturally raised food, including meat, poultry and cold cuts.

    Plus, Trader Joe's prices often beat Fairway's ever-changing prices.


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