Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bright spots on the road to recovery

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The good news is that my weight has dipped below 190 pounds (bathrobe off). But the bad news is  I still don't have my old appetite back and medication continues to affect my taste buds.

My other vital signs this morning were blood pressure, 117 over 71; heart rate, 75; oxygen saturation, 97%; and temperature, 96.6 degrees. I am 5 feet 9 inches.

I'm more or less following the diet I stuck to for about a year before my Sept. 16, 2011, open-heart surgery -- losing about 30 pounds -- but straying occasionally with a slice of pizza or toast with peanut butter, jelly, and thinly sliced cucumber as a reward for surviving.

This morning, I had an egg-white omelet filled with small, egg-like seaweed topping from Ikea and oozing with marinated fresh mozzarella cheese from Costco Wholesale.

On the side, I has two plumb tomatoes, sprinkled with za'atar thyme mixture from Fattal's Bakery, and mixed Italian olives from Jerry's Gourmet & More. I drank hot organic black tea (Newman's Own from Amazon.com). 

For dinner Monday night, I had leftovers from Sunday night: Fresh wild Alaskan coho salmon fillet from Costco, with lemon juice, chopped garden herbs and Aleppo red pepper (Fattal's); baked yams and a salad of organic spring mix, plus a glass of wine.

Recent breakfasts have included leftover imported whole-wheat spaghetti from Trader Joe's with codfish, onion and sweet peppers -- with an egg-white omelet oozing that fresh mozzarella.

Jerry's Gourmet and More, 410 S. Dean St., Englewood; 201-871-7108.

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