Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Do we need more choice in food shopping?

Logo of Target, US-based retail chainImage via Wikipedia

Target had expanded the food sections at its Hackensack and Paramus stores.

Though I don't need any more food-shopping options, I dropped by the Hackensack store today to redeem a coupon for a dozen free eggs I received in the mail.

Now, just about the entire rear of the store is devoted to groceries, refrigerated and frozen food, and a new fresh produce section.

Costco, ShopRite and H Mart are within 2 miles of the Hackensack Target, and all three have bigger selections and better prices.

I jotted down some of the prices at Target: 

Bananas for 24 cents each, a dozen eggs for $1.69, cucumbers for 99 cents each; Taylor organic baby spring mix, $3.99 for 5 ounces; Market Pantry (the Target brand) lactose-free milk, $3.19; Horizon organic lactose-free milk, $3.99; Green Giant Fresh romaine lettuce, $2.14 a head.

I picked up my free eggs, and purchased a 30-ounce jar of reduced-fat Kraft Mayo with Olive Oil, on sale for $2.50, a savings of $1.34; and two 5.5-ounce packages of conventional spring mix and spinach for $2.99 (buy one, get one free).


  1. Why would you buy conventional spring mix? It's grown with harmful pesticides, you know.

  2. I buy conventional greens sometimes. I was at Target and didn't want to go to another food store or to Costco just to get my organic spring mix, which was running out.

    Do you get more benefits from eating conventional produce than harm from pesticides? I've been debating that with friends for years.

  3. I think A&P/Pathmark needs to be squeezed out of this area so another chain can get a foothold here. It is a miserable dying chain that needs to be put out of its misery already.


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