Saturday, April 23, 2011

Swedish sushi, gefilte fish and a catfish fillet for breakfast

Passover Seder 5771 - Gefilte FishImage by Edsel L via Flickr
Gefillte fish balls plated for Passover.

If you count the carp, whitefish and mullet in Mrs. Adler's gefilte fish, I racked up five different piscatorial delights for breakfast this morning.

I started with two of the poached, chilled fish balls from the jar of gefilte fish, which I bought at a 70%-off sale at a supermarket, and added three pieces of raw herring in garlic sauce from IKEA -- Swedish sushi.

I didn't have horseradish, but found a tube of wasabi in the refrigerator and managed to squeeze the last bit or two out on the gefilte fish. 

I added a small salad of organic spring mix and sliced beets, dressed with extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. That was my cold plate.

We fried up Costco farmed catfish fillets dipped in egg and milk, and corn meal for dinner at home on Friday night, so I warmed up one fillet in the microwave while I made a simple egg-white omelet in olive and sesame oils. That was my hot plate.

A great breakfast, and while I'm on a low-carb diet and not eating bread, another way to deconstruct the breakfast fish sandwich I ate almost every morning (with lox, sardines, canned fish salad or almost any other fish that could fit between two slices of bread).

Gefilte means "stuffed," which is how I felt after finishing my meal.

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  1. Nice photo of my gefilte - you must try making if from scratch sometime!


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