Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Organic spring mix is frozen out

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Costco in Hackensack has been out of Earthbound Farm Organic Spring Mix at least since Sunday, and an employee said today he doesn't expect any for the rest of the week.

This most delicious salad mix is a mainstay in our home, appearing at breakfast topped with cheese and smoked wild salmon and at dinner dressed with extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I've been eating organic baby spinach instead.

ShopRite and other stores sell a one-pound package of the organic spring mix for $6.99, compared to Costco's price of $4.99.

The Costco employee said the shortage has been caused by cold weather in Mexico, where some of the product is grown, damaging the lettuce, arugula and other leafy greens that go into it.

Bisque and stew

I picked up more Kirkland Signature-brand Lobster Bisque ($10.89 for two portions totaling 40 ounces), and found a new item, Stonewall Kitchen Vegetable Stew ($7.99 for two 20-ounce portions). 

I hope it's as good as the StockPot Organic Vegetarian Chili with beans I bought recently that proved to be filling and delicious ($9.99 for two portions totaling 48 ounces.)

Meanwhile, the price has risen on Kirkland Signature-brand 100% whole grain bread, to $4.19 from $3.99 for two 28-ounce loaves.

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  1. The Kirkland Lobster Bisque is nasty. It has an after taste. I'd rather have castor oil.

  2. Your taste buds are all wrong. It's delicious.


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