Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fresh wild salmon swims into view

Copper RiverImage by Travis S. via Flickr

There it is. 

In the fresh-fish case at Costco in Hackensack, the first fresh, wild salmon from Alaska appeared Saturday, neatly shrink-wrapped in a foam tray.

The fish has the deep, red-orange color that farmed salmon never achieves, because it is artificially colored.

This wild sockeye salmon comes from the famed Copper River, and carries a price to match: $14.99 a pound. I found a tray for about $20, and plan to serve it for Sunday dinner, along with Black Tiger prawns  I picked up at Costco on Friday (U-8 or eight to a pound).

Last year, Costco in Hackensack had fresh Copper River sockeye salmon starting on June 2 for $9.99 a pound.

Costco has the Copper River salmon for a couple of weeks, if last year is any guide. Then, other wild Alaskan salmon is available at least until September, usually for $8.99 a pound. The fish cooks quickly in the oven with just a little seasoning and chopped, fresh herbs.

(Photo: Copper River in Alaska)
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  1. Swims into view ... swims into view! (email me more about MH, he was leaving as I started, and all we did was pass like ships in the night).

  2. Let me repeat that. swiMs into view. I was trying to correct your headline!

  3. Thanks.I'm going blind. At least it's not as bad as "Jew Jersey," "swim shit" and some other typos I've seen at The Record and other papers.

  4. The famous "Jew Jersey" typo is blown a little out of proportion. It never would have occurred if there hadn't been some ridiculous edict from above that NJ had to be spelled out. If the reporter or the assignment editor weren't clueless as to such edicts -- and it used to be in the reporter's job description that they must be aware of style -- they would have gotten it right in the first place. The copy editor then corrected the style according to the edict, but whenever a copy editor changes text or corrects a caption, there is a chance he or she will introduce a new typographical error. That's why when news editors rewrite captions or headlines without sending them to the copy desk, they often introduce screwups.
    In the case of "Jew Jersey," if you look at the keyboard, the "J" is right above the "N" and just a little to the right. Since most of the slots at the Record just eyeball the headline and often don't even catch mistakes in that, the typo went through and caused the paper great embarrassment.
    Never mind that the copy editor who made the mistake was one of the better and most respected people on the desk. The poor fellow undeservedly got his ass handed to him the next day.
    As for the "swim s**t," I don't remember that one. And as for you going blind, it's very easy to look at an m and see an n or vice versa.

  5. P.S. Enough on the typos. This is the food blog, remember :)

  6. "Swim shit" was on the front page of The Hartford Courant, when I worked there in the 1970s. Hot type was still in use, and a typesetter was suspected of deliberately creating the typo when a story described how a suspect fleeing from police ran across a lawn where a woman was sunning herself in her swim suit.

  7. Again, if you look at the keyboard, the "u" is above and just a little to the right of the "h," almost the same as the "n" and the "j." Hence, it's very possible this was simply the same type of error, different paper. Hot type may have been in use, but those fellows on the linotype machines simply followed what they saw on the page. The qwerty keyboard was in use when the Barbarians were at the gate and the gatekeeper tried to turn them away because they weren't on the guest list, what was that, the sixth century? And it will be in use when iPads start showing up in garage sales. So I'd go easy on the Linotype guy, besides, he's probably long since kaput anyway.


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