Friday, March 27, 2009

Wasted trip to Whole Foods

On opening day of the Whole Foods Market in Paramus last week, the plump chickens roasting in the rotisserie cases made my mouth water. But the store had run out of carts and my reusable grocery bags were already bulging and heavy, too heavy for me to buy one.

I asked the employee behind the counter how much the drug-free, vegetarian-fed chickens weighed and the price. He said they were four-pounders for $5.99 each, a two-week special. When I returned to the store today, intent on making one our Friday night dinner, the employee (he may have been the same one I spoke to last week) said the chickens were $7.49 each and that the special price was for one week only, expiring the day before. He also apologized.

An apology doesn't really fill you up like a rotisserie chicken does. If I bought it, I would have felt like a sucker who falls victim to bait-and-switch. So I walked out empty handed, somewhat humiliated. I'll bet they don't weigh four pounds, either.

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